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Reflection In Conjunction With The 10th Anniversary Of Richworks: Is It True That 90% Of Malaysians Have An Average Income Below RM5,000 A Month?

1. This is something that I read a few days ago. I’m not sure about the accuracy of the statistics but basedon my experience in handling hundreds of thousands of participants and guiding them personally, and consequently this coincides with us celebrating our 10th year this June 2018, I’m almost sure these statistics are not something far from reality.
2. Looking at the changes around us from the political, economic, industrial, technological and social trends, everything changes quickly. In just 10 years, Richworks has become a pioneer in the coaching and training industry by triggering a successful revolution of entrepreneurs especially among the Malay community which is something we are truly proud of and grateful.Looking at the display of billboards of various products and services of Malay entrepreneurs who were either born from our programs or developed after attending our training and mentoring programs all these time gives me a great sense of happiness.
3. 10-years as Richworks. It’s like being born 10 years ago as a baby and we are now entering standard 4 of primary school. Alhamdulillah, it’s a beautiful uphill journey, winding at times but priceless.
4. We will not know the impact of what we do other than when we receive feedback from others. This week alone, I received 3 feedback from “strangers” who took me by surprise but with great happiness in my heart.
5. Imagine someone newly appointed as the Minister in the new government of Malaysia inviting me to his office on Monday to be involved as his think-tank group to discuss and suggests how I can assist local entrepreneurs to increase their income and boost the economy of a core industry in Malaysia.
6. This invitation is surprisingly unexpected, but it is gratifying and I’m very appreciative because the new government is very concerned about the development of the entrepreneurial industry in Malaysia. Since long before, we have always supported any government initiatives and efforts that are in line with our mission to spearhead entrepreneurship, education and wealth creation to ensure that the economic progression of my community and the nation can be achieved.
7. We have been involved in several programs organized by government agencies in the past. And I was informed by a significant member who was involved with these government agencies regarding entrepreneurship, where they have always made me and Richworks as an example because of our success in producing tens of thousands of successful Malay entrepreneurs without relying on subsidies or loans in starting a business. Alhamdulillah, the results I have seen today, the government have been more aggressive in helping entrepreneurs by providing loans and capitals, however, without real-business and proven-success strategies, funding will only impair the entrepreneur itself. It’s like giving our children money from childhood till adulthood and they can borrow money from us whenever they want, but we do not give them the real-business and marketing knowledge to actually survive and thrive in their businesses.
8. The approach should be through the application of entrepreneurial thinking and seeding of the entrepreneurship culture through education platforms which is important to help increase the interest of entrepreneurs and to assist them in facing the challenges of building a business consistently for the long term until they are able to expand globally. I always teach my community to be self-reliant in business and not dependent on government’s assistance to provide capital or funds. Why? Because they are ENTREPRENEURS.They should be taught and guided to build their businesses and to increase their sales with various strategies without the mentality to seek for subsidies at least till they become a growing business.
9. When the YB Minister invited me to his office to ask about how I could help the entrepreneurs, the first thing I wanted to know was – Why me? And his response is something unexpected and it’s something I would have asked had he not mentioned it to me. He talked about a member of his family who was my protégé. He saw how this person started his crackers (keropok) business from zero by attending Richworks’ programs 5-6 years ago and then applying the business knowledge learnt till today, and now he has a factory and a cracker making machine with beautiful packaging distributed not only in Malaysia but for the export market as well. He witnessed how a friend he knew succeeded in changing his life from nothing in the past few years, but he was eventually able to provide a new home for his family and his business kept expanding. These are the testimonies shared by the YB Minister.
10. The second response I got from another “stranger”. He is a successful lawyer but never attended any of our programs. With a serious look straight into my eyes he explained the impact of Richworks and how I have contributed over the past 10 years to become a leading company in guiding hundreds of thousands of people to start upgrading their lives by building businesses. He mentioned prior to the presence of Richworks, not many Malay small entrepreneurs were able to become big and successful and not many Malays were in business compared to now because they did not belief they could afford to build successful businesses. There were people who said, “The Malays cannot do business unlike the Chinese!”, “The Malays have no ‘business-blood’!”, “The Malays can only be subordinates to other races or are only eligible to work for the government!”And all these words today have been proven wrong!
11. When I heard the feedback, my heart grew grateful. Apparently, there are people who noticed our struggles in upholding the economic power of our own community and nation. It seems our efforts at Richworks to open the eyes of our people on how to build businesses by sharing hundreds of free videos (our videos have been viewed by over 40 million viewers to date) or through our 3-day high impact training and coaching programs such as Intensive Magnet Kekayaan & Kejayaan (IMKK). IMKK is a Richworks’ flagship program that has been held since 2010 and has been attended by almost 100,000 participants and is always attended by thousands of participants at time, to master and unlock their potentials in creating wealth and business. And the program is only held one or twice a year for 3 days from morning till night.
12. The last response I got this week is during the holiday on Wesak Day. This feedback I gathered from my observation. Coincidentally, on that day I brought my wife and children to buy some clothes for Hari Raya and my wife took me to a shop in Bandar Baru Bangi. I agreed and this was my first time in the business area. What surprised me was that the whole area was crowded with people since early morning to shop probably for Hari Raya. But what made me proud was when I looked at the rows of shops and brands in the area, majority are owned by my student entrepreneurs whom I have taught in my classes or coached in my Titanium Circle mentoring program.
Receiving all these positive feedback from people who have never been to our programs and seeing the impact of Richworks on entrepreneurs with the grace of Allah swt during this week as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary is truly a blessing and a happy one. And I’m grateful to have been chosen by Allah swt throughout this journey and I’m encouraged to do our best and strive for what we have been advocating all these while that is to guide more Malaysians to improve their economy and finances and to help build more successful businesses. Insha Allah apart from this, we pray that Richworks will start to expand across Asia and tothe rest of the world.
How can we help more people? 3 things we outlined as important goals for Richworks until 2020.

  1. Provide more free mentoring and training videos that specifically helps and answers questions about how to improve finances and business.
  2. We will invest in the latest digital technology and launch online trainings through where it is a platform for you to learn anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet as easy as from your palm.
  3. Provide more live seminars or online entrepreneurial coaching programs by entrepreneurs and industry millionaires especially among our students who have been nurtured from our programs so that you can be guided by real industry players all under one umbrella, Richworks International. This will speed up your business success story.

And in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of Richworks this week, we want to give you an opportunity or anyone who wants to be guided in developing your self-potential, money and business to a higher level.
If you know anyone who really wants to change theirlives for the betterment of their families, finances and business, you want to make sure they do not miss this offer.
In conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of Richworks too, we would like to give-away10,000 General seat tickets(for the back-most seats in the hall) to attend the IMKK program on 2-4 November 2018for *Free.(Free without the fee of RM997:You only need to pay RM97/per person for the cost of the workbook.)
This offer is supposed to be launched on June 2, 2018 during the 10th Anniversary of Richworks, but we have decided to open this offer now while it is still available. This offer will be closed at any time.
Act now by visiting while tickets are still available.
We thank you for your prayers, support, criticisms and feedback. Please pray that we can continue to provide guidance to many more Malaysians and help more people across Asia moving forward, Insha Allah.
Please pray for my good health and well-being too.
Best wishes,
Dr Hj Azizan Osman
Founder & Executive Chairman
Richworks International Sdn Bhd

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